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We are reinventing how teams share and retain knowledge with Slab and have raised a $2.2M seed round. Check us out at slab.com for early access.

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After my last company was acquired by Salesforce, a daunting task was integrating our product and technology into the mothership. …

The 2.0 branch of Quill has officially been opened and development commenced. One design principle Quill embraces is to first make it possible, then make it easy. This allows the technical challenges to be proved out and provides clarity around use cases so that the right audience is designed for. Quill 1.0 pushed the boundaries on the former, and now 2.0 will focus on the latter.

Let’s take a look at how we got here and where Quill is going!

Quill Adoption

Quill today has reached a state of ubiquity that has exceeded anything I could have hoped for. Companies ranging from exciting new startups like Slack and Asana, to industry giants like LinkedIn, Salesforce and Intuit, have all adopted Quill in major user facing products. …

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When a startup successfully exits, chances are it was an acquisition. Unfortunately for the founders, that acquisition was likely their first, while the acquirer has probably gone through many. This was the case with Stypi. Fortunately, my cofounder and I were lucky enough to have had access to several other acquired founders who helped us ultimately navigate our first multimillion-dollar exit for a company barely a year old. Hopefully by sharing what we learned and encountered, you can be slightly less lost, should you be faced with an acquisition of your own.

First Contact

Potentials acquirers are a lot like the opposite sex: their intentions are confusing but the prospects are exciting. It will likely be a founder or the Corporate Development department of a larger company, acting on behalf of an interested internal team, that first approaches you. Either way, get comfortable with this person, as he/she will be setting up and facilitating your meetings, and will likely be the one you eventually haggle with over terms. …


Jason Chen

Co-founder of @slab, BDFL of @quilljs

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