The State of Quill and 2.0

Quill Adoption

  • NPM Downloads: 1.6M total, up from 528k in 2016 (+203%)
  • Github Stars: 14.7k total, up from 11.6k in 2016 (+27%)
  • Pageviews: 2.98M total, up from 1.77M in 2016 (+68%)
  • CDN Traffic: 950k unique IPs per week (no prior years tracked)



Looking Ahead

More Parchment Guides

Delta Converters

Format Completeness

Improving Themes and UI Elements

Ecosystem Discovery

Adopting New Web Features

Try out Quill




Co-founder of @slab, BDFL of @quilljs

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Jason Chen

Jason Chen

Co-founder of @slab, BDFL of @quilljs

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