Inspired by a poem by Wislawa Szymborska

I prefer to make the most of it

I prefer rainy days for the opportunity to slow down, take cover and take care

I prefer cloudy days which make for more interesting photographs

I prefer foggy mornings and easing into the day quietly

I prefer stargazing

I prefer to stay up late and ponder

I prefer to know for sure

I prefer logic and structure

I prefer falling back on the plan to no plan at all

I prefer kindness to any other currency

I prefer tradition to bright, shiny and new. Except shoes.

I prefer forever to right now

I prefer a photograph to a memory

I prefer time to be the school in which we learn

I prefer fairness and balance

I prefer motherhood to any other state of being

I prefer bedtime story time to any other time

I prefer art museums

I prefer to be behind the camera observing

I prefer urban to rural because I need milk and stamps and love skylines

I prefer practical

I prefer to calculate and analyze prior to speaking

I prefer traveling to standing still

I prefer crisp Fall air

I prefer to be a busy bee

I prefer to give the sum of days lived more weight than grand gestures

I prefer to work just enough and love in abundance

I prefer to be told in private. Good news or bad.

I prefer dogs and giraffes

I prefer snickerdoodles

I prefer Tom Petty songs

I prefer classic movies

I prefer to build relationships with family and friends over anything else

I prefer to do it myself and ask for help

I prefer a mind and heart that are open and hopeful

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