The first all-in-one, SaaS multi-platform application for clinical trials

Congrats to ACES Health, — HubX-LifeSciences announces participating startups — Aces Health (Atlanta): The first all-in-one, multi-platform application for clinical trials that keeps patients connected 24/7.

This BCBS,, investment means two things 1.) BCBS sees significant value in this platform’s ability to engage patients and boost adherence to prescribed medical regimes. 2.) BCBS, as well as the rest of the payer industry, is quickly moving to have mHealth apps like ours covered by insurance and is interested in making Aces the BCBS standard prescribed mHealth app.

The Baptist Health, investment is crucial on the clinical trial side. By April we will have a general IRB approval through them to be an off the shelf data capture and subject management tool for any trials or medical device pilots conducting at their sites.

LineGard Med,, has signed a letter of intent for new IV technology trials. They are interested in our multimedia data capture ability and because the remote real-time monitoring capabilities, combine with our text/voice/video messaging, cuts labor costs in half.

Learn more about Aces Health at or email David Heenan,