There has to be a better way

When I start my day, a cup of joe in hand and begin reviewing the countless emails about this new campaign or that failing brand I think about the 1 million plus marketers doing the same. Having been in their shoes, I know how that day begins. How am I going to get my numbers up? How can I justify my social spend? Why does my mobile experience suck? Rarely do they say; today’s going to be a great day. More likely it’s; there’s got to be a better way.

Imagine being Mr. Shahani at Volkswagen, Ms. Cook at McDonalds, Ms. Chandler at Branson, MO CVB, Mr. Davoudpour at Shoney’s or any one of the marketing leaders who are facing extreme marketplace challenges. They need help; they know it and they, like so many others are searching for a solution. But finding help in our industry has become an incredibly complicated and difficult task. Finding and changing agency partners takes time, disrupts the day-to-day battle, slows progress and is fraught with uncertainty and impatience.

I’ve seen both sides of the equation — finding and hiring agencies as a client and matching up clients with agencies as a new business pro. One thing I know is that there are countless directors, VPs, CMOs and other marketers sitting at their desk right now scratching their head thinking there has to be a better way. I say YES!

I’ve also known marketers who high five, fist bump, raise their arms into the air and shout ‘YES’ when their declines reverse and sales velocity accelerates, and they received the accolades they deserved. And when they invite the agency to celebrate it becomes a wonderful experience. That’s when their today was a great day.

We need to do a better job finding the right agency for the right client. No one wants to cower in their office afraid of the weekly numbers. No one should have to settle for mediocrity or listen to excuses from his or her agency. In the same way, no agency should have to face an unappreciative, mean-spirited or despondent client. Life is too short to waste time suffering through a bad client-agency match. And the result of great client-agency success is too rewarding to miss.

I know there is a better way, which is why I got into this business in the first place. I developed a proven and reliable approach that has generated millions of dollars for my past agencies. There is no doubt the agencies I’ve worked with have their share of challenges. We all do. Despite the day-to-day obstacles, there are clients out there who need and value a great agency’s services. By first identifying, defining and modeling the clients that best fit the agency offering and utilizing the most current tools to find them, the results is more often better short term and long. And we all know there is nothing a great client-agency partnership can accomplish.

I develop agency growth programs that accelerate revenue through brand focus, client acquisition, talent, service offerings, and partnerships. I do it in a practical and proven approach combining in and outbound prospecting, organic growth and leadership networking. Because winning new clients is the future of every agency

Let’s Grow! Don’t miss any more opportunities or suffer through bad client-agency experiences.

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