For A Millennial Designer In A Post-Fact World

Corita Kent, for emergency use soft shoulder, 1966

[a manifesto]

A designer sees truth.
A designer synthesizes truth.
A designer communicates truth.

There are going to be people who want you to subvert the truth through your craft.

They want you to manipulate.
They want you to use your powers for bad.
Their motives are power and money and greed.

They will take the form of politicians or Silicon Valley executives.
They’re pretty sneaky sometimes…

I know sitting in a fancy office everyday sounds appealing, but extrinsic rewards do not compare to intrinsic rewards.

Now is not the time for frivolity.
Now is not the time for comfort.
Now is not the time to waste time.

I know you feel cheated by generations that came before you.

You were thrown into a recession.
You were thrown into a war.
You were thrown into climate change.


You have so much power as a designer.
You are a communicator.
And you can be sneaky too.

Manipulate for good.
Communicate the messages that need to be communicated.
Frame the struggles of those who have no voice into a new light, one that everyone can understand.

You can’t avoid this post-fact world with all that power.