Top 5 In-Demand Programming Languages to Build Your Career

In this article, I have described the top programming languages which are very useful for the job seeker. Many programming languages exist but which language is best to learn and give you the confidence to getting the best job.

Here, I have researched the programming languages which are more popular nowadays. And create the list of top 5 programming languages:

1. SQL



4. C#

5. PHP

1. SQL:

You surprised to see the SQL has rank #1 spot. SQL is an important language for the database. The database must be needed for developing any type of software, application, website, etc. SQL can’t be used for developing any application. But, it is used for managing the data. So, SQL can be found everywhere and it is used in the back-end of web development.

SQL is a “Query Language” and the main focus is on retrieving data from the database. It is easy to learn because it’s syntax is very simple.

It is used by back-end developers, in business, marketing analysis, etc. If you learn the SQL it is very useful for getting the job.

Where to Use SQL?

· Mobile Apps

· Static Websites

· Dynamic Website

· Enterprise Software


Java is truly object-oriented language. Nowadays, java is used to build android apps, games and much more. Java is adopted worldwide, approx. 9 million developers are work on java. It is platform independent. So, it is run on every platform and computer.

Java is secure, reliable and robust- that means it is high demand for developing big websites like LinkedIn and Netflix. The tagline is “write once, run anytime, anywhere and anyplace.”

Where to Use JAVA?

· creating Android Apps

· Games

· Desktop Application


JavaScript is client side scripting language and also a powerful programming language. Java and JavaScript are not same languages. JavaScript is used to develop web pages, web apps, and more. It is used by front-end developers.

You can use JavaScript as server side language with the help of Node.js platform. JavaScript uses the JQuery and frameworks for developing web pages.

JavaScript is made the web pages more interactive and build the rich user interface.

JavaScript is useful for people who have never done any programming language but some knowledge of HTML & CSS.

So, to learn the JavaScript is good opportunity to get the job.

Where we use JavaScript?

· Web Apps

· Add Effects on Web pages

· Validation of web pages

· Games with Basic Functionality

4. C#

C# is developed by Microsoft for competing with java. C# is the combination of C and C++ concepts. It is developed for improving the productivity of web and development.

C# is used to create enterprise software that runs on the .Net framework. C# is type safe, modern and object-oriented.

Using C# you can write the windows application as well as native mobile apps.

C# provides the drag-and-drop concept that means programmers need not write additional code.

Where to Use?

· Web Development

· Game Development

· Enterprise Application

· Business Application

5. PHP

PHP is open source server-side scripting language. So, it is free to download. PHP is easy to learn and easier to conceptualize. PHP is specialized for creating dynamic web pages.

PHP runs on any platform and it is compatible with servers that are used today. Many big websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, WordPress are built on PHP.

Where to Use?

· Dynamic Page Content

· WordPress

If you are interested in front-end development you must choose the JavaScript, PHP and these are easy to learn. C# and JAVA are used in both front-end as well as back-end development. And you interested in back-end web development you must learn the SQL.