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In 2005, I decided to watch every best picture movie. I consumed the movies during my commute in 20–30 minute increments on a video iPod. It took about five years, but it was an great journey that I chronicled in a previous post.

One trepidation I had at the start was whether I possessed the stamina to get through older movies. I, like many others, dismissed most old movies as lousy. The craft evolved, visual effects got better, topics today are more relevant and relatable. But older movies have something over new ones: the passage of time. We can look back at a movie at its point in history and understand why the movie was important or interesting because we know how history played out. …


Jason Heltzer

Dad, venture capitalist at @OriginVentures, @chicagobooth professor, Chicagoan. I was a nerd before it was cool to be a nerd.

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