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I write history, geopolitics, and other research-backed pieces. So, the older generation never forgets, makes the current generation be aware, and for the future generation to always remember.

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Jhemmylrut Teng

It’s JE — MIL — ROOT, but I can be called Carla too.

I am a Filipino-Chinese-Spanish, 32, born and raised in the Philippines.

I am currently a regional spokesperson for the sole energy grid corporation in the Philippines, and also a PR lead specialist. I am still new in this profession, over a year now, to be exact.

Apart from my regular job, I have my side-hustles:

The White House secret presidency

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Portrait of Edith Bolling-Wilson | Image credit: The White House Historical Association

Throughout the history of the United States of America, the White House was ruled entirely by men. When former Senator Hilary Clinton vied for the 2016 presidential election, the world thought the U.S. might have been ready for a female president. But of course, it did not happen.

However, according to William Hazelgrove, a historian and the author of the book, Madam President: The Secret Presidency, the United States already had a female president in the early twentieth century. …

Where is that kind of America now?

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EDSA Revolution, ca. 1986 | Credit: Positivelyfilipino

January 2021 made its mark in history when Americans stormed the United States Capitol.

The incident’s root cause is a president who’s clinging onto power, even though he lost the election. President Donald Trump’s supporters rallied to contest the succession of the presidency to Joe Biden.

For several decades, the United States has been positioning itself as the epitome of liberation, democracy, development, peace, and stability — an ideal image of a First World nation. A beacon of light and hope.
Ironically, the U.S. now has no legs to stand on with the doctrines it has been preaching.

Dear Americans, we, the Filipino people, feel you. We had been there, much worse. We had a dictator who clutched onto power for two decades. He tried to rig the election, he lost, but still proclaimed he was the victor. He didn’t want succession to happen. …

When the U.S. Americanized the Philippines it produced tons of nurses

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Filipino nurses senior class receives instruction in operation room techniques at PGH (ca. 1915–1916) | Credit: UC Berkeley

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States of America tops the chart of the world’s most infected country. With the threat of this deadly virus, members of the medical frontline are the most vulnerable. And in the U.S., wherein there are over 150,000 registered Filipino nurses, they are disproportionately hit hard by the coronavirus.

According to National Nurses United, as of August this year, there were 193 nurses in the U.S. that died because of COVID-19, and thirty percent of those were Filipinos.

With the large presence of the Filipino nurses in the U.S. hospitals, the question is, why? Catherin Ceniza Choy, a professor in ethics studies at the University of California, Berkeley, detailed the answers in her book, Empire of Care: Nursing and Migration in Filipino American History.

Exploring Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea, Mount Nebo, Mount of Temptation, and Capernaum

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In the Bible, there were many places mentioned where God performed His miracles.

In the 21st century, these tales are already sound too mythical. But for the religious people with a strong faith in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, what was written in the holy scripture are the words of God. And the accounts were genuine.

I do read the Bible too, and I am fond of the historical contexts it provided that shaped our society today. So, in 2016, I visited Jordan, Israel, and Egypt. …

Travel & Egypt

Exploring Egypt’s holy mountain — Mount Sinai

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Uploaded by the author

In my previous travel story, I wrote about my trip to the Holy Land, where I explored the life of Jesus in Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian territory. After that trip, I crossed the border from Asia to the African continent to see Egypt.

Apart from Egyptians’ ancient civilization, which is immensely rich in culture, arts, and history. It was also one of the nations that were mentioned in the Bible, Quran, and Hebrew scriptures.

In the book of Exodus, Egypt’s Mount Sinai, also known as Mount Horeb, was considered a holy mountain because it is where God talked to Moses and gave the Ten Commandments. …

My journey to Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jordan River, Galilee, Cana, and Jerusalem

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Jerusalem | Uploaded by the author

I grew up in a Christian family, but I never became one. I was raised reading the Bible; therefore, I am familiar with prominent characters and events mentioned in the scriptures.

To those who are not Christians and not familiar with the Bible, it is a compilation of several books. It has an Old Testament, wherein the story started from Genesis — how God created the world and the universe. And the New Testament focused solely on the story of Jesus from birth to death as well as his resurrection and second coming.

This article is not about religion, which is a sensitive topic. I am not an expert about faith as well. But for someone who loves history and grew up reading the Bible, albeit I do not have a religion, I embarked on a journey walking on the same path where Jesus was born, grew up, baptized, jailed, tortured, and crucified. …

The story of Giulia Tofana, Giovanna Bonnano, and Catherine Monvoision

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Illustration of Shakespear’s Macbeth about three witches and a cauldron | Credit: British Museum

During the height of Europe’s witch-hunting in the 15th to 17th century, about 40,000 to 100,000 people accused of being a witch. Ninety percent of these numbers were executed. Sorcery or witchcraft was considered a severe crime during those eras, and it was punishable by death.

Although men were also accused of witchcraft, about 75–80 percent of those executed during the witch hunts were women. Women were subject to cultural prejudices that framed them as inherently weaker than men and, thus, more susceptible to superstition and evil. Such a concept was derived from the Bible about Eve’s weaknesses to temptation.

Most of the women being persecuted as witches were from a stereotyped sector — poor, old, and widowed. …

The best example of why companies should invest in a public relations team and practice empathy

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Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Cebu, Philippines | Image credit: Agoda

As a mother with a son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder level 3, it is disheartening that people look at my son differently. But no matter how people discriminate against my son’s condition, my seven-year-old boy only sees the good in people. That’s the beauty of people with autism’s unique abilities that we, neurotypical people, having a hard time comprehending.

Therefore, when the luxury resort and spa in Cebu, Philippines, the Plantation Bay, went viral on the internet recently, I was affected by the news.

From a public relations’ point of view, there are several lessons we can learn from this case — mainly on dealing with customers with special needs, responding to a bad review, and handling a crisis situation. …

Why choose one, when you can be both

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Since I started writing on Medium last August, I have noticed that there’s seem friction between traditional writers and unconventional writers. And in my personal opinion, a cold war is unnecessary. Why choose one or be divided when you can be both.

I was a professional journalist; I wrote news for television, radio, print, and online. I am currently a regional corporate spokesperson for an energy grid company and do media relations consultations for different organizations. By stating my background, I understand where these two factions are coming from, as I have been a traditional writer before. …


Jhemmylrut Teng

PR Sr. Specialist | MA Int. Dev. | Ex-Reporter for TV5 & Bloomberg TV | Toastmaster | Goodwill Ambassador | Storyteller | jhemmylrut@jteng.info

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