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Jhemmylrut Teng

I write history, geopolitics, and other research-backed pieces.

Jhemmylrut Teng
  1. I do leadership seminars for companies and universities.
  2. I teach news writing to high school and college students.
  3. I am also a voice-over talent for television and radio commercials.
  4. Writing on Medium is also a side-hustle.

The White House secret presidency

Portrait of Edith Bolling-Wilson | Image credit: The White House Historical Association

Don’t call us names just because it’s convenient for you

Photo by Ralph Olazo on Unsplash

When businesses capitalized on scarcity, frugality, and poverty

Catalogue on feed sacks marketed as fashionable dresses (left), and a feed sack’s instruction on how to remove the ink for recycling (right) (Source: and The Vintage News)

When she was rejected for having Chinese blood, Mamie Tape sued the school principal and the board of education

Tape Family, the child in the center was Mamie (Source: Asian Law Caucus)

The Tape Family

The Civil Rights Movement that led to a battle between federal and state power

Little Rock Nine Escorted by 101st Airborne Division to School (Source: Washington University Library)

Japanese-Americans versus Japanese in World War Two

U.S Military Intelligence Service Language School — Japanese Americans 4th Class, Fall 1944 (Source: National WWII Museum)

How these underground grunts fought the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War

A GI of the 25th Infantry Division emerges from a Viet Cong tunnel, October 1967 | Credit: US National Archives

These Asians were responsible for the thriving shrimp industry of Louisiana State

Manila Village of Louisiana | Credit: State Library of Louisiana

Galleon Trade

The significant contribution of Allied powers’ deception unit in the fall of Nazis

United States’ Ghost Army amid World War II | Credit: Ghost Army Legacy Project

Uncle Sam wants creative people

Jhemmylrut Teng

PR Sr. Specialist | MA in International Development I Ex-Reporter for TV5 & Bloomberg TV | Toastmaster | Goodwill Ambassador |

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