So I stumbled upon this site due to some news I heard about someone who died.That person have some stories shared here.I felt sad but I was also relieved that I can also pen my stories and feelings here.It’s been a long time since I’ve written something online.I must admit,I miss writing although I can’t really say I’m any good at it but I always try.I just want to express what’s in my mind.This,maybe a good start.

I’ve been feeling down and most of the time sad lately.Sometimes with a reason but most of the time without.I feel like I am inside a crowded room yet I still feel lonely and alone.I thank God for my children who somehow keep me sane.

There are times though I feel like I am so worthless and that I am empty.I want to escape but where to?

I will have to bear with this and live with my own demons for now.I know I can make it through.

To be continued…

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