Fake friend will teach you a lesson

rich vs poor

Hardworking in a foreign country inspires me every time I recall my unforgettable experience when I was in the Philippines. For me to mingle with the people you never know is dangerous. Being naive and trustful person will leads you sometimes to frustrations.

Meeting an expected friend in your life and mingling with her giving all your trust and confident is not necessary because this person one day will destroy your life and betray you and you never know she will manipulate your innocence.

1st — offering you some money as help? never trust ! in time there is expectation that will pay out that offer. this rich person will offer you a help money matters, food, clothing which you never ever asked. Being ( naive) , is hard you cannot read people’s mind until you became a victim of her evilness I may say.

2nd — after she helped you behind your back she will create a very genuine story and convincing dramas that she helped you because you are really in need and you have pity life. ( take note: you never know she is already gossiping what she did to you and you thought she is helping people and doing generosity, but NOT!

3rd — she invites you to a party will try to mingle you with the rich people you never experience before with these business class people , politicians, traders for example. And then because she wants to be the best person she will create a story where you will be trapped. You never know these people around you , you get bored and after that you might be quiet , feel sleepy and that moment you never know she’s already creating lies to her friends against you. And still you trust her and without knowing she already planned a tedious manipulated stories that people look you as a horrible , bad, poor person. I feel very sad about this rich person who created lies in my life until now the wound she created in my heart still sore .. Just a scar but it marked everything she have done in my entire life.

4th — Why this woman that you really trust keeps pulling you down and gives you a fake impressions and wants you look bad to other people??? why in the first place in one party , one will pretend she lost something and concluded the poor will do that. How unfair is accusing a person who never know about what is going on? Naive like me and easily trust people made me cry in my life. And only thing I remember, Karma is the only answer , time will come ‘reap what you sow”

Lesson in my life avoid this kind of people. Do not accept anything from her. She help poor but she counts it one by one. You didn’t asked for it but it marked you asked for help. She gossip you, she told lies, she uses her money to get friends to listen to her , to attract them of what she is where she belongs in the rich society and she can make them believe me as a person look bad to my neighbors and friends other people she invented horrible lies , so people will hate me and lose friends.

I moved from Philippines to NZ to start a new life after she destroy my family and my personal life. I never regret to live in this new country where everything is easy , there is peace , equality, love, true freedom and unity. There is a big opportunity and success. Real people, real jobs, real wages, fair treatment , less politics, real people , real friends, and I call REAL LIFE and a PARADISE!

I hate my country not because of the country itself but because of inside of the country there is inequality, poverty, they said there is freedom but there is no freedom, the country manipulates by the rich people like this fake used to be my friend and the poor becomes poor. Discrimination poor cannot mingle to the rich ( bottom line) when you belong to poor society will treat you bad and will never get any rights as a person or human. My experience to only one person puts me off in getting back to my own country. I hated my life before just because of her. I ask myself I keep praying and praying before, but never answer my prayers. I ask for justice to have a peaceful life when i was in my country but no answer. I think there is no God.

I decided to go far away from my country gave up teaching jobs, my friends, my religion…… and I found peace here in New Zealand I am sure we as human being can only decide what life would we like to live, because we chose it.