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Ah! He was the one we met in Episode… no, that was somebody else. Crap. Medium makes it Severely Not Easy to rifle through old episodes, especially when <cough> somebody doesn’t present them in chronological order.

This is where a dramaticus personae list would be useful, yes? I find it useful for family gatherings, personally (I did a genealogical database years ago, back in my youth when I had time; the website has the open stuff, I have the detailed version on phone and home PC), especially when somebody talks about “cousin Patty’s daughter” or something. My wife, who can’t remember anything about a movie we saw a few months ago, recalls all sorts of personnel data about my family, which helps buy time while I pretend to check my email or something. One of many reasons I don’t go to family gatherings (or much of any kind of gathering, really) without her.

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