I didn’t yet read the link to her list of required attributes, but I really, really hope you were exaggerating about the importance placed on the physical stuff in regards to her choice. What I’m saying is that I REALLY LIKE YOU AND YOUR WIFE BUT IF I FIND OUT THAT A CONVERSATION TOOK PLACE BASICALLY SAYING, “Well, you ain’t much to look at, but you put the toilet seat down. And I’m not getting any younger. I guess you’ll do.” — I MAY LIKE HER A LITTLE LESS.
Jack Herlocker I’m going to address first one part of this piece, and then the

Assuming you have read the story on the list by now, I hope you have put my wonderful wife back in the Awesome column? Because she is. I could write an entire piece or three on how totally awesome she is. (Wait, didn’t I already?)

So my bad if I wrote anything that even insinuated slightly that my wife not caring about my looks was a bug, not a feature. Because I never have to worry that getting bald(er), fat(ter), or breaking into a rash over most of visible body (I swear, poison ivy was never a problem when I was younger) will diminish her love for me in any way.

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