Conversation with My Wife (22)

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” — William Gibson

Robot and Frank (Robot is on the left) Source

Deb & I have decided that the brave new world of the future can’t come quickly enough. The parts with self-driving cars and robot caretakers, anyway. We want something like Robot in Robot and Frank. And:

DEB: “Our self-driving car will take us to the theater, drop us off, go park itself, then pick us up afterward.”

ME: <Siri-style voice> “Excuse me, I need to have access to this curb space, my humans are about to come out.”

DEB: “Hey Siri, where did I leave my purse?”

ME: <Siri voice> “You left it under the seats in the theater, Debra. I sent Robot to fetch it for you. She will meet you when you exit the ladies room.”

DEB: “Because Siri knows I always visit the ladies room after the show! But we’ll have to have RFIDs implanted or something so she can track us.”

ME: “She’ll go by my phone, honey.”

DEB: “Yeah, your phone. I’ll still have my flip phone. Or whatever they look like in 2030.”

ME: “They’ll still have flip phones, honey. Although they’ll have Siri or her successor AI able to communicate through it.”

DEB: “Will you start a ‘Conversation with My AI’ series after you finish ‘Conversation with My Wife’?”

ME: “Maybe. But I don’t think she’ll be as good a conversationalist as you are.”

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