Yeah, it WAS pretty nerve-wracking!
Annie Littlewolf

Deb’s Aunt Norma (wonderful lady who has guest-starred in other Conversations) was normally the navigator on trips that she, her husband, and Deb’s parents took together. Alas, Aunt Norma’s method was to spread the map across the dashboard and peer intently, looking for clues as to location. “Okay, Bob? Bob? You want to turn…” Pause, then a hand would wiggle left or right. “…at the next… oh, why don’t they show stoplights on these stupid things? It’s…” Peering intently. “Jackson!” she announced, as Dad would watch the sign for Jackson as they went through the intersection, informing Aunt Norma of that fact. “Oh! Oh! Oh dear!” And the process repeated until Aunt Norma got lucky, or they ran out of street and had to pull a u-turn, or Dad was able to pull over to give Aunt Norma time. (I got these accounts from Dad, so there might be some exaggeration for effect.)

It could be worse, Annie, I guess is what I’m saying.

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