Haha! I have an extra bucket of lime.
Randomly Me

I’m a little envious we have a landscaper, RM. I suspect that will evaporate on seeing the final bill. We’ve been getting torrential downpours once or twice a week this summer, which have delayed the process, both because soil and mulch that were nicely placed up-slope are now at the bottom, and because our landscaper is changing the design as he sees where the water from our uphill neighbors really wants to go.

I can’t do landscape design. The wonderful concepts in my head come to life, bang their heads on reality, and pass out cold in the garden where they look awkward and misbegotten. Deb is no better. Plus, it turns out that nice-looking designs require constant maintenance, and a morning out in the garden working now takes more recovery time than a night of carousing (although my idea of “carousing” back in the day was “stay up until 01:00 AM, or even 01:15”, and now it’s more like 10PM…).