Love Can Be Asymmetric

Not identical does not mean unequal

I show you a poem
That I wrote about you
And you look sad,
Telling me
“I never write stuff like that about you!”
You sing me songs
With made-up words
That make us laugh
Like no one but us will laugh.

I go shopping with you
In antique stores and furniture shops
And you thank me,
Telling me
“We never do stuff that you like!”
Being with you
While sharing things that give you joy
Are my favoritest things of all.

I come up behind you
While you are at the sink
Giving you a hug and a kiss on your neck
And you hug me back,
Telling me
“I hope I tell you enough how much I love you!”
Every morning you roll over,
Kiss me with a look on your face
That tells me nobody
Could love me like you do.

I was originally considering the title, “I Like Big ‘Buts’ // I will not lie” but decided that was a little click-baitish. Plus I know someone would look at me with narrowed eyes and ask, “So… what exactly do you mean by that?” Which would defeat part of the purpose of the poem, doncha think?

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