turns out, I was having a “traditional panic attack”
Gerard Mclean, I posted this:
H. Nemesis Nyx

<sigh> These are severely irritating. They are not considered angina pectoris (even though “angina pectoris” translates literally to “pain of the chest”) because that term is reserved for actual damage happening in a body. Besides the chest pain (which varies from a sensation like carrying a heavy weight in my right shirt pocket — wait, I don’t have a right pocket on this shirt — to a feeling like someone smacked me on my right chest with a mallet) there’s also a weird feeling in my right arm (like my arm had been asleep, and the sensation is starting to come back but the pins&needles aspect hasn’t started yet) and an occasional feeling of actual omigawdgonnadie panic (which, it turns out, is a chemical reaction). Mine tend to show up during stress (work, mother-in-law recently died, birth mother recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, birth father who should be diagnosed with early-onset dementia but hasn’t yet… 2016 is not currently on the ballot for my favorite year), and drugs either don’t work right or make me stupid. (Doctor’s advice: “You need to do things to avoid the stress.” Which is totally correct and was sincerely delivered, which is why I didn’t punch him in the face.)

Anyway… my point (in case you were wondering if I had one) is that the panic episodes are irritating, but can be lived with.

Oh, and rum is our friend. In medicinal amounts.

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