Can we salve our disbelieving eyes and ears indefinitely with the notion of implausibility because we have a piece of parchment titled The Constitution of the United States, upon which is written a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ for a relatively free society to establish itself?
Plausibility Trumps Denial: When Fiction And Reality Look Too Much Alike
S Lynn Knight

The Constitution will not be abolished, simply… set aside. Temporarily. During The Current Crisis. Like the internment camps for Americans of Japanese descent, there will be a “brief” period where certain people may, perhaps, need to suffer for The Good Of The Nation. But it will all be better once The Current Crisis is resolved, and things will be Back To Normal.

Not right now, of course, because things have taken a turn for the worse due to the actions of Those People. But not to worry, citizen, Corrective Action is being taken and soon The Current Crisis will be over.

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