I have something weighing heavily on my heart right now.
Charlotte Franklin

I am tempted to write about it to get it out of my system

Uhhhhh… well, Charlotte, ol’ friend ol’ buddy ol’ pal… <cough> I do this a lot. Well, not as much lately, but yes, I am familiar with the “write something you can never ever say out loud to clear your system” approach.

I should warn you: it felt pretty good.

And then I published it on Medium, because what the hell, y’know? And got some feedback and comments and sympathy, and it felt pretty good. So I did some more. About other people in my past. People I’d never see again, but hey, I got things off my chest and shared stuff I’d never normally share except with a therapist (if I believed in therapists for myself, which I don’t, although I’ve seen how they work great with other people), and HA! DAMN, it felt good! And it’s not like these people would ever be showing up on Medium, eh?

And then one showed up on Medium. And started reading my stuff. And going back through my older stuff (as evidenced by recommends and responses).

Well… frak.

So there are some old postings that I did that have been archived and copied to password-protected notebooks in Evernote and are no longer available for public consumption.

So… there’s that.

Still felt pretty good at the time. Just sayin’.

So I’d tell you: Go for it.

[Oh, and if You are reading this — you know who You are — this is not about You. Someone else entirely. No worries.]

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