Yup. For some mysterious reason I just don’t fit here at Medium. Please visit my LinkTree to find my writing, photos, and NFTs. Thanks to all of you who’ve followed, at least the ones not trying to sell me something or trying to “save” me... At some point I may delete all traces here, or maybe not. But I wasn’t reading anything I’d subscribed to, I have a Substack anyway, a monster author website, and I’m minting NFTs at OpenSea. Take care, all. — JHF

Yesterday just out the door

We Go Till We Stop

We were married in front of our wonderful friends in Chestertown, Maryland on January 16, 1981. There’s a photo of everyone taken on the courthouse steps I’ll no doubt find when we move, which can’t come soon enough, either. We only had to walk about a block and a half…

Live the dream, they said. We’ll take up Christmas at another time!

But Just the One for Now

I don’t remember exactly when my mother announced she wasn’t “doing” Christmas or Thanksgiving any more. Probably around the time I went off to my first year of college up in Dallas after we’d all moved to Houston. I do recall her saying that nobody cared. That wasn’t true, because…

Time and Space Warp of “All Right”

It was long, a kind of dark gray (“black”) speckled fabric, sleeveless, reaching to her ankles. She wore it often back in Maryland and afterwards, when she was teaching, too, I think, but it was long gone in our movings, cleanings, and impulsive weeding of possessions that were spoiled and…

Give the Spirits What They Want

The old house had always sat beside the road evincing nothing, sinking in the weeds. This time, though, he thought there was a flash of movement and stopped his walk to take a look. Wary of trespassing or interrupting crime, he edged a little closer. Yes, a large bird, banging…

Rio Grande north of trestle bridge. Mt. Blanca massif in background.

High Intensity Day

This was my birthday trip. I thought of it a long time ago, taking the back roads in southern Colorado through some of the emptiest territory I’ve ever seen to an old trestle bridge over the Rio Grande and beyond, ending up at a brew pub in Alamosa before driving…

The grass is full of volcanic rocks exploded into the sky. ( Getcher mountain info here.)


W e had lunch in the car at the foot of the volcano and watched a lone female elk trot across the vastness. It felt much more special than seeing an entire herd. I spotted her at a great distance. Obviously an animal of considerable size — elk cows can…

Hiking in the Terrible High Desert

I’ll Never Tell

One of the resident raccoons knocked my homemade platform bird feeder off its post again last night, leaving it in pieces on the ground. The last time this happened was just two days ago around midnight. I was still up and heard the crash, so I grabbed a flashlight and…

About 45 miles from Taos, looking west near the Colorado line

Why I Came Here, Remembered

I pulled off the highway at a certain spot near the foot of the mountain so we could pee. It’s maybe a hundred yards down this little dirt road to a big sign with all the regulations. Beyond that, the road continues into a wide, shallow valley and then disappears…

John Hamilton Farr

SELF-DRIVING MAN ☀︎ “The edge between the worlds was open if one knew to smell it. Unlived lives shot out from holes.” JHFARR.COM & GODDAMNBUFFALO.COM.

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