“I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about my privacy?”
Fábio Esteves

For me it comes down to the fact that I don’t mind people having my information, or even them profiting from it. In the case of online storage I would still use the service because I see it as an equal trade, they get my information and I get my “free” storage. Information is the new currency, and I am okay with participating in that. In the case of government, I look at is as an equal trade. I get [perceived?] security, and they get information on me. I do not know if they sell my information, but it does not matter. Once I have traded it to them, it is no longer mine to control. It may still pertain to me, but it is not in my control.

I can see how others would feel other ways on the issues, but I am simply stating how I feel about it.

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