Jasmine Hill
Jul 30, 2016 · 1 min read

Trying to book an Airbnb in Napa (for my 27th birthday 🍾), overnight trip.

Find a great spot; it’s a condo on a resort property so lots of amenities, cool shit. The owner lists FOUR different rooms open for the dates we’re looking at. Meaning, she owns 4 condos here at least, all of which are wide open and listed for the dates.

My boyfriend books them and is told “sorry the resort is booked, I’ll let you know if something opens up.” Our thought is, hmm… that doesn’t make sense because you still have it listed and even if that ONE is booked you have 3 others you could’ve offered us if you really wanted these dollars.

Giving the benefit of the doubt (and secretly wondering if me being lighter than my boyfriend would help), I decide ok I’ll try again on my account. I have several 5-star reviews as a guest, he has none. Maybe that will ease some insecurities. If I was a host I might feel hesitant about taking a guest with no Airbnb history.

Nope! Same response for me. “The resort is booked.” No offer to another one of her rooms.

Meanwhile, all 4 listings remain up for those dates and to add insult to injury… THE PRICE HAS DROPPED. From $217 to $167.

She’s basically begging some nice white people to request the spot. If it was actually booked she would remove the listing. Or if it was just negligence, she wouldn’t have deliberately adjusted the price to be more attractive. Welp!

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