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Andrew J. Hill
4 min readMay 16, 2019


A tripod does not have to be bulky and expensive to be useful, even a pocket version will make your photo go one step further. A tripod not only helps you take sharp images and stable videos, which gives them a much more professional look, but also allows you to experiment with long exposures, fast-paced photographs and low light (and, of course, selfies).

However, if you search for “ tripod sale” on Amazon, more than 10,000 similar products with names like GX600B200 will appear. To avoid this, we have reviewed hundreds of lists and comments, tested dozens of tripods with photographic equipment that increased capacity and reduced the options to 10 extremely useful and economical products. amateur photographers.

Here is a quick guide to the basics:

The load capacity
This is the maximum recommended weight of your camera equipment for optimum stability (but many tripods can handle heavier loads). Compact tripod for DSLR and action cameras, the tripod often has to support between 100 and 400 g. The cameras with mirror system and the bridge cameras generally weigh between 500 and 1 kg. A small reflex camera with a standard lens weighs between 1 and 1.5 kg. If your digital SLR camera is heavier or if you plan to use long lenses, consider a tripod that is compatible with heavier equipment.

Tripod head
There are two main types of tripod heads. The ball heads lock the camera in place using a ball in a joint and they are very quick and intuitive to use. The turning and tilting heads use levers, which allow you to precisely control each plane of movement. If you are interested in recording videos, you will need a panoramic head to tilt the images for a constant panorama.

Leg locks
The feet of the tripod are blocked by small levers or by rotating locks, which may take a little longer to get used to, but tend to be more robust.

Tripod kits
The entry-level tripods are delivered as kits, but if you have specific needs, you can buy the legs and head separately, which is what most professionals do.

Benro Slim Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit

It is one of the cheapest carbon fiber tripods on the market and really exceeds its weight. It is well designed and feels amazingly solid, weighing only 1 kg, making it perfect for traveling and using at home. It supports 4 kg of weight, ideal for cameras with mirrorless system and entry-level DSLR. It also has a weight hook, useful in case of wind or when additional stability is needed.

It extends up to 146 cm, which is relatively large, but folds into a thin 50 cm package. The three leg positions add flexible tripod and allow low shooting positions. The two bubble levels help you upgrade the camera.

Adonit PhotoGrip

If you have a good quality smartphone camera, choosing an accessory could be a simple way to be more creative with your photographs. This photo handle is designed to make a smartphone behave like a camera with the shutter on top. It can be used as a stand or screwed into the small tripod that comes with it (or on any tripod with a standard ¼ inch thread).

In addition, it has a remote Bluetooth trigger, more pleasant than a timer and can be charged via USB. A precision pencil for mini-discs, a shoulder strap and a carrying bag make it the ideal package for an ambitious smartphone photographer.

Joby GorillaPod Magnetic Mini

This ingenious accessory for compact cameras and action cameras shows that a tripod does not have to be big to be useful. With only 37 grams and not even 10 cm long, it fits in a small bag or can live in a glove box. You can use it as a stand, wrap the handle of a door or place your magnetic feet in a refrigerator or in a car. Of course, you can also use it for microphones, LEDs or other accessories up to 325 g (but nothing heavier if you trust your magnets).

You like the look, but do you need something more substantial? Joby offers a wide range of gorillaPods, which accept loads up to 5 kg.

AmazonBasics 127cm Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This basic tripod for camera is perfect for compact cameras or action cameras on a tight budget. It weighs only 570g and has a rocking lock with tilting head and panoramic head. It extends on 127cm and supports 500g.

Of course, it seems a little fragile, but given its price, it is excellent value for money. If you need more height or want to use a more powerful camera, it is worth looking at the other tripods in this range.

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