Just switch the name from Trump to Obama and you’ve nailed it.
Steve Negri

Unfortunate Misunderstanding

Your representation of what progressives want or what Obama was trying to do is a goofy straw-man: ` If one’s bias is for massive entitlements, open borders and uncontrolled immigration and the consequent huge and continuous addition to our national debt, and if one’s bias stems from being a victim of what one views as the juggernaut of capitalism`
That’s not a realistic world view of anyone I’ve ever met or ever read anywhere online, even on lefty sites — it’s an imaginary radical caricature that represents literally no one.

And your pro-Trump description: ` if your bias is for a return to a healthy manufacturing based economic system, a secure border and strong defense` literally describes every single person in the country, left or right, progressive or conservative, Fox viewer or Maddow fan. You need to understand that we all want that end goal — there just may be some disagreement about what specifically some of those words translate to in terms of policy. It’s not obvious, for example, that a giant fence equals a “secure border” or that playing a “strong man” character while alienating allies (as Trump does) will result in “strong defense”. What I’m saying is, in order to actually have a dialog and a working government, you can’t misrepresent and (intentionally?) misunderstand the other side’s viewpoint so completely.