Frontend: welcome to the future
Oleg Kislitsyn

Don’t forget efforts to provide go-like standards enforcement via tools like

I just set all this up on my bleeding edge dev stack running Elixir/Phoenix on the backend. It’s a miracle I have any functionality done. Now if the whole JS world can just hold still for a month or two, I might have time to build the application before we decide it’s time to reinvent everything again.

That said, I love the tech stacks we have today. They are miles ahead of what we had just a few months ago, and finally seem to be coalescing around future proof implementations that blur the line between standards and html/css/js as assembly.

Our code finally looks like the standards we’ve been waiting for even if it’s being compiled, transpiled, and transformed to provide functionality that’s still a few years away from widespread browser adoption or even consideration by standards bodies.

Here’s hoping that the leading tools and projects can finally stay ahead of the curve of best practices and best standards. If they can, we might finally see some stability in the JS world this decade.

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