Not being able to adequately explain the why behind your thesis
SJW Behaviors That Hurt Social Justice
Sara Lynn Michener

This. Thank you. As someone who believes that political points of view are fluid, I find that anytime is questioned and they get mad about why you dared to ask them why they believe what they believe, you’re not dealing with a rational person.

I’m not asking you why you believe what you believe to piss you off; I’m wanting to know more about why you believe so strongly about a thing, in the hopes of possibly learning something from you.

This is why I find it dangerous to be totally immersed in a culture of people who think and believe the way you do; it’s been my experience that asking “why” someone believed what they did was tantamount to an admission of ignorance on your part, as well as evidence you weren’t a ‘true believer’ who’s with the program.

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