How often do you see that word? And not in a church context but outside the church. Maybe scrawled in red letters on a picket sign next to the unfriendly command to “repent.” Or possibly used by one group to describe the actions of another.

Whatever the case, “sin” is usually used by one person to critique and slander the words and actions of another.

While it’s pretty rare for “sin” to pop up in daily conversation, it’s even more unlikely for someone to describe their own words or actions as “sin.” Doing so would necessitate critiquing one’s self…

If this be vague words, then seek not to clear them. Vague and nebulous is the beginning of all things, but not their end, and I fain would have you remember me as a beginning.

Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal. And who knows but a crystal is mist in decay? This would I have you remember in remembering me:

That which seems most feeble and bewildered in you is the strongest and most determined. Is it not your breath that has erected and hardened the structure of your bones? …

We live in a nonstop society.

Social media never sleeps. News is always pouring in and there’s always a new trend to jump on. This has become so engrained that something doesn’t just trend, but it appears on a list of trending trends. There are people out there (in that mysterious world of the interwebs) whose job it is to literally find (not just look for) the next trend.

And we eat it up.

Sitting down at breakfast: what’s the latest hashtag? Stopping by the office coffee pot: what’s the funniest snap? Going out to lunch: what’s the new restaurant in town? Getting home for dinner…

Josh Michels

Telling stories and making things.

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