From Zero to One.

Give a little bit of your love to incremental growth.

On April 22, at 02:23 AM my life changed forever. My wife Annabel gave birth to our first daughter: Dora-Sophie.

Oh, let’s see if Medium can handle some emoji that help celebrate this miracle: 🏩🎢⚡️💝🐣😻🍭💎🎨👑🌱🎉⛵️ Ok. Seems to work great.

Before this event I was thinking a lot about starting some awesome MBA like studies on digital pioneering because I am hungry to learn how to change the world with the power of ideas.

Since the dawn of Dora I haven’t thought about studying. Why? I think besides of being madly in love and a little bit busy I also learned a few things about life and humans.

Here’s the one thing that struck me. It may sound small but …

(This is an official announcement)

Dora-Sophie just made it from Pampers SIZE ZERO to SIZE ONE.

The few gramms my daughter gained in body weight since her launch, ehm release, ehm I mean birth made me think about incremental growth in a new way. Incremental Growth is a term I didn’t fall in love with for a long long time. Maybe it just happened.

YAY! Life is breakthrough-innovation. You remember: These 🏩🎢⚡️💝🐣😻🍭💎🎨👑🌱🎉⛵️ kind of miracles. In the business side of life I’m a lot into innovation and I love to learn about it from innovators like this radical guy. His great book even has a a great title.

But here’s my little mental spark of the day:

Life is incremental too. If a billion very healthy things (like Brain, Immune Systeme, etc.) happen at the same time and the VITAL result is SIZE ZERO to SIZE ONE, this isn’t inglorious at all. Life rocks. Incremental Growth rocks. Above all: Dora Rocks.

So … What does that teach you about building the next iPhone or managing a global brand?

Give it a thought. I bet even a little one helps.

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