60 since home

January 23, 3pm: I went to the airport. I had mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and sadness. Excitement because I’m going to a new land, nervousness on the immigration and sadness as I’ll leave my beloved land.

7 pm: I checked in my baggage, got my ticket, filled out all the forms and went to immigration. During this time, my nervousness got the best of me. I failed to convince my initial immigration officer thus putting me on hold. It was the scariest moment in my life because there’s a big chance I may not make it.

8 pm: I was wearing a fleece jacket but I can still feel the cold wrapping around me. I was in the holding room waiting and thinking what I could do. I secretly messaged some people on how to handle it, they told me to calm down and follow the protocol. We were doubtful about it.

8:20 pm: A new officer asked me questions, I tried to convince her but it still lacks the punch. Knowing it’s my first time, I took a leap of faith and tried to humor her to evade the questions. The universe was kind enough to spare me. I’ve got what I wanted but there was a mixed sensation of joy and sadness inside of me.

9:00 pm: I was sitting at the bay, talking to my folks on the phone while waiting as time goes along. I didn’t know it will be so long.

11:00 pm: Midnight is upon us, I waited for long.

11:30: We transferred from one gate to another. Exhaustion had in all of us, but we still need to wait. Good thing I met new peeps to keep me have a good faith.

1:00 am: we transferred back to our original gate, we waited but not for long. At last, our plane that we can catch.

2:00 am: As I depart, I had a glimpse of my homeland for one last time. I won’t be able to see it up close since I’m miles and miles apart.

January 24, 5:30 am: I landed on my first stop airport, an airport roaring like a tiger for its beauty. The high ceilings, spacious environment, the one stop shop and of course free use of their wifi with thunderous speed. Never I have seen something like this back in my homeland.

6:45 am: Everything was critical, it’s been hours since I called my folks. I can’t connect to any wifi at the airport. I was crying inside for the worries I make. I thanked the universe the concierge, I gained access in the cyber world. I called my folks for the second time. Happiness filled me inside.

10:00 am: After I ate and checked-in. I boarded on the second plane where I seated comfortably. I watched some movies as I try to fall sleep.

3:0pm (1:10 am in Time in Destination): There were a lot of movements in the plane, I was feeling a little dizzy and sick

5:00 pm (1:00 pm ): A passenger lost consciousness but the universe woke him up. He was given air and water for replenishment. I’m also feeling being woozy, I thanked the heavens I was relieved.

5:37 pm (1:38 pm ): I made it to my destination. The airport was different than the previous one but still shares resemblance and beauty. The only difference is the diversity of people. Some I’m seeing for the first time.

6:00 pm (2:00 pm ): I waited for the guide to pick me. I just waited.

7:30 pm (3:30 pm ): The guide finally came to pick. He toured me around what it is to found. We went on this mall, quite a big mall. Everything was just in a full scale glam.

11:30 pm (6: 30 pm ): The guide introduced me to the owner of a place. A place I shall call home for the next coming months. I didn’t anticipate my home to be different that what I’m used to.

2:30 am (9:30 pm): I tried settling in, organized my stuff, freshen up and talk to the new people I’ll be calling my folks. Eventually I slept all the way. It was uncomfortable not because of the bed but because it was a different environment for me.

January 25, 5:30 am ( 9:30 am in homeland): It’s my first day! my family messaged me, telling they missed me. Eventually I chatted with my brother back to sleep.

8:30 am: ( 12:30 pm): Mother called reminding me on things. I missed not hearing her voice since i’m thousand of miles away. I just pulled myself and prepared going to the office.

10:00 am (2:00 pm): I took a ride of the Metro, the walking was a bit far but wasn’t a hassle cause it’s cold.

10:40 am (2:30 pm): I made it to the office on time but was lost due to the maze of walls looking for the right door to enter. I found it after sometime.

11:00 am (3:00 pm): I was introduced to new people. People of different culture. People I’ll be knowing more soon since it’s almost noon. I’m going to eat lunch with them.

5:00 pm (9:00 pm): Another work day has done. I didn’t do anything much on my first day. I’m hoping I did alright for the day.

11:00 pm (3:10 am): I’m about to end this day for tomorrow await. My real life will start when the clock strikes 8. Hoping I could do great everyday.

By the time you finish reading this post in the morning. It’s been 60+ hours since I left Manila for Dubai. It was my first time to leave the country. It’s the scariest and exciting experience so far and is what I’ll consider to be the an adventure of a lifetime.

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