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The action-packed racer is about gears and tears

The trailer for Ford v Ferrari is great. Zoom go the cars. Damon’s crackin’ wise. Bale may be crazy but, dammit, he gets results. The suits say they want the best, but do they really mean it? Look how scared they get when they see someone who is truly free. Look at that pudgy doofus at the end of the trailer. If it weren’t the mid-60s he be cruisin’ for an “ok boomer!” bruisin’.

That’s the boss, Henry Ford II (nepotism!), thinking he’s as tough as our guys. He’s buckled up in the passenger side of a souped-up race car…

Art: MRCokeley Design

Todd Phillip’s bleak comic book villain movie ‘Joker’ wants to be toxic masculinity’s ‘Citizen Kane’

Todd Phillips’ super-villain origin story Joker has, weirdly, become a serious topic of conversation. As a film critic, I love it when talk of a new motion picture breaks out of my little world into the wider discourse. But this movie? A Batman-adjacent movie? Friggin Batman? I sometimes imagine what our culture would be like plopped a notch or two back in the timeline. What would William F. Buckley have to say about class distinction in Gotham City, I wonder.

Despite the volume (in both amount and loudness) of opinions on this matter, there is, in typical Joker fashion, a…

Jordan Hoffman

Jordan is a critic and writer whose work can be found in The Guardian, Vanity Fair, New York Daily News and Times of Israel. He lives in New York City.

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