Top Ten Most Annoying Passengers on Airplanes

I want to hash out my top ten list of the most annoying airplane passengers. I was trying to decide if I wanted to rank this list by most common or most annoying, but I don’t have a large enough sample size to figure out the most common, so my list is in the order of most annoying to me to least annoying with some tips for dealing with them. Please share your thoughts on what you think and let me know if I missed any types of passengers!

1.The Crying Baby

The most annoying passenger and unfortunately there is little you can do to combat this little, yet somehow very loud individual. The crying baby will terrify all on the plane.

Recommendation:Bring earplugs or become a baby charmer

2.The Had Too Much To Drink Passenger

Those that have flown a lot have ran across the drunk passenger. This passenger can range from annoying to dangerous. In my case I have experienced both with a one time drunk passenger speaking inappropriate with my sister.

Recommendation:Alert a flight attendant immediately if you since any danger or if they are annoying plug in those headphones.

3.The Too Big For One Seat Passenger

You sit down in the middle seat already discouraged you got the worst seat in the house. First comes a larger gentleman asking to get into the window seat. You think “oh not so, bad just one larger person I can handle that.” Then comes a larger lady in the aisle seat and now you are a sardine in a can. Both people’s fat spillover and you are crushed.

Recommendation:Ask a flight attendant if you can move to an empty seat. If there aren’t any empty seats get up and walk around and brace for a long ride.

4.The Stinky Passenger

The passenger that forgot to take a shower and they can make it hard to breathe. This can also be the passenger that keeps farting.

Recommendation: Bring your shirt up and use it as a mask. Prepare for a long flight.

5.The Seat Leaning Back Into Your Knees Passenger

As a 6’4 man with long legs this happens almost every flight to me. I understand people have the right to lean the seat back, but my knees also have a right to protrude into your back I can’t just open my legs and put them on the other passengers. Some people try to lean as far back as they can and take a nap.

Recommendation:Ask them politely and explain the situation. Most people can be reasonable.

6.The Kicking Kid

The unruly kid who hasn’t been restrained by his parents because they either don’t care or just are oblivious. They will kick your seat over and over prohibiting you from sleeping or enjoying life.

Recommendation: Turn around and ask their parents if they can control their child. Lean your seat back very far and teach teach them a lesson(this is not a good option, but sometimes actions speak louder than words). Ask the flight attendant if she can remind the parents to watch their kid.

7.The Won’t Stop Talking Passenger

This is the person that sits down and tells you their life story or tells you the entire itinerary for their trip. Not a huge nuisance, but can be slightly annoying.

Recommendation: Tell them you are going to read a book/watch a movie/ sleep and you are glad to meet them.

8.The Air Conditioner/Light Finagler

The person that likes to reach up and play with the lighting conditions or air conditioner every 5 minutes. No matter what the settings will not be perfect for them and they may even ask you to do it for them.

Recommendation: Join them and start adjusting your light every 2 minutes. Show them who the real finagler is!

9.The First Time Flyer

They usually scared, nervous, and looking to talk about how scared and nervous they are. I don’t mind these passengers as I can usually talk and calm them down.

Recommendation: Tell them everything will be fine and give them a peace of gum. Share some travel stories and the joy fast travel can bring.

10.The Armrest Wrestler

If you fly enough you will find the Armrest Wrestler. They usually start out by laying claim to the armrest early and refuse to relinquish claim to their holy grail.

Recommendation: The main strategy to dealing with this is wait until they go to the bathroom and stake claim for yourself.