Warning: Watch Out For These Entrepreneurial Enemies in 2018 …

Here’s the deal.

2018 is YOUR year.

It’s the year you’re going to BREAK OUT, launch your new product, grow your team, grow your list, and realize a much greater profit than ever before.

You’re going to have more time to do what you do best, and let others do the rest. You’re going to master marketing. You’re going to double your revenue in half the time!

You’re going to LEAD and GIVE and GROW.

It’s on your white board. In your 90-Day-Plans. You can see it in your cash flow projections.

It’s inevitable, right?

Or Not?

The truth is that there are entrepreneurial enemies lurking inside you, waiting to take you down.

They show up as reasons, excuses, and limiting beliefs in your mind.

Another word for them is FEAR:False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

These enemies have names.

Enemy #1: Doubt

The first enemy of every entrepreneur is DOUBT.

Doubt usually shows up as questions.

You’ll start to ask yourself questions like, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this? Maybe this won’t work? Should I go back to corporate? Am I risking too much? Who do I think I am?”

Here’s the truth. Most businesses fail and the odds ARE stacked against you.

However, many businesses succeed, and those that do succeed are run by business owners who have FAITH.

Faith in themselves. Faith in their plans. Faith that perseverance trumps doubt.

The antidote to doubt is belief.

You must BELIEVE that you CAN, and find new reasons every day to believe in yourself.

Enemy #2: Discouragement

Here’s the reality. If you’re an entrepreneur you’re going to have highs and lows. There are going to be days when you think you’re a genius, and days when you think you’re a loser.

This is you walking through the Himalayas of business. It’s dramatic. It’s beautiful. And it could potentially kill you.

Discouragement usually appears when you’re not getting the results you expected. You set out big goals and they haven’t happened in the timeline you wanted.

You didn’t meet your first quarter or your second quarter goals, and yet that doesn’t mean that you haven’t made progress. History is littered with people who had no reason to keep going, they just kept planting seeds and watering them, until one day they grew.

When you get discouraged, look for people who have overcome similar circumstances. Get involved in their stories. Say things like, “If they could do it. I can do it.”

Find things that motivate you on a daily basis. Maybe it’s another entrepreneur. Maybe it’s a podcast or a book. Maybe it’s remembering your big WHY.

The antidote to discouragement is progress.

Enemy #3: Distraction

Email. The latest marketing fad. Facebook.

Distraction diverts your focus.

Let’s say you have a rifle and you’re trying to shoot at a target 20 yards down the field, but at the same time you have other things happening all around you, which makes it a lot harder to focus, so you miss.

It’s the same way with our goals.

FOCUS is the antidote to distraction.

You’re at your best when you’re focused on one thing at a time, and you’re implementing one thing at a time that you learn until you master.

Start with a daily routine that includes personal growth, marketing, and money on the table activities.

Then start to eliminate the noise. Notice where you spend your time. Ask yourself which activities are the most profitable. Eliminate the possibility of distraction while working.

Every enemy you’ve ever had in your business is one you’ve seen before. And they are all ones you can vanquish with faith, optimism, and focus.

Happy New Year! Let’s Make 2018 Your Year!