Learning UX Design with the Interaction Design Foundation — a review

2 min readMar 25, 2021

Learning through the IxDF portal has been a great experience for us as a UX & Product Design Team at CEMEX. It has not only helped us to increase our knowledge in UX related topics, but it has also given us various tools to improve the design and adoption of the digital assets we have in CEMEX (e.g. CEMEX Go). The digital experience we have provided to CEMEX’s customers in more than 20 countries has revolutionized the way the construction industry interacts with external and internal users.

The IxDF courses have also given us many insights that have been helpful in better understanding the needs and pain points of our customers. As an example; in the Emotional Design and Psychology of E-Commerce courses, it was interesting to learn how strongly human emotions are connected with design. We tend to think humans are logical beings, but the courses and examples made us reflect how emotions have a big impact in our day to day decisions and activities. This allowed us to design accordingly and make sure we reduce our customers’ pain points and make it easier for them to buy from CEMEX.

In the UX Management course we learned how important it is to show the return on investment of UX. Many companies tend to be skeptical about the monetary value UX can provide. The course shows many success examples from various global companies, where UX has been a key strategy in order to achieve success. This type of documentation has helped the UX & Product Design team at CEMEX to show the organization the monetary value that a mature UX area can provide. The adoption of CEMEX Go has been a clear example of this, with thousands of customers using the platform and continuously buying CEMEX’s products in a user-friendly way.

Another advantage of the IxDF portal is that it allowed us to learn at our own pace without conflicting with our day to day work. Also the questions and answer system helps to reflect and analyse the content more in detail.

Source: https://www.interaction-design.org/

We strongly recommend the Interaction Design Foundation portal. The whole UX & Product Design team at CEMEX has an IxDF account and learning through the portal has been part of our career growth.