NAV Coin Conference will Reveal Special Announcement and 2017 Roadmap on December 14th

Jamie Holmes
Dec 11, 2016 · 3 min read

NAV Coin, a fast-growing anonymous cryptocurrency, will announce new features and present its 2017 roadmap live at the NAV Coin conference, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand on December 14th.

A live presentation of the roadmap for 2017 will begin at 7AM UTC, with a special announcement that the NAV developers have indicated will increase the potential use cases and adoption of the platform. A countdown to this momentous occasion can be found here.

What is NAV Coin?

Ranked as one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, NAV Coin is a serious contender in the space, offering anonymity features and a decentralized network.

NAV Coin ensures anonymity using sub-chains so that transactions are not linked to addresses, as shown below.

While Bitcoin leads the market, NAV Coin’s network fills a niche for instant and anonymous transactions. With a scalable block size of up to 20MB, the network is able to handle 1,300 transactions per second.

Upcoming Conference will Galvanize Progress Made

With the bulk of the volume traded on the Poloniex exchange, the coin has enjoyed healthy returns over 2016, with an appreciation in excess of 1000 percent year to date. Interested in obtaining NAV Coin? A faucet can be found here to get you started and load your NAV Coin wallet.

The chart below shows that developments to the network from the team have boosted interest and value for NAV Coin and the cryptocurrency looks to be gearing up for further gains as we head into the December 14th conference and into 2017.

The cryptocurrency, denoted NAV, saw a steady increase in value against bitcoin on announcement that users would have access to dedicated TOR nodes, extending the capabilities of the anonymous network. As developer Craig MacGregor states, this enables syncing the blockchain and sending, as well as receiving transactions, anonymously, offering a high level of protection.

The December 14th conference follows on from other key developments from the ecosystem such as;

NAV Coin’s special announcement at the December 14th conference will no doubt build on these successes and galvanize the network’s progression.

Developer Craig MacGregor will be speaking on the exciting update for NAV Coin as well as a presentation on “The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain.” Also, the first 50 guests at the conference will have a chance to trial the technology with a giveaway of 500 NAV per person, which can then be used to purchase drinks at the event with the mobile wallet.

The highly anticipated conference marks an important milestone and with a local pub venue becoming the first physical location in the world to accept NAV Coin, which will be celebrated with a demonstration of the NAV Coin Point of Sale, illustrating the ease of use, security, and efficiency as compared to traditional payments.

So join the live-stream on December 14th, whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investor or tech junkie, it will be intriguing, whereby NAV Coin will be revealing details that will go a long way towards significantly increasing adoption, expanding the network and building on the privacy-focused drive of the cryptocurrency going forward.

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