Research on Private Transactions in IOTA
Laurence Tennant

Thank you for thinking outside the blockchain.I have always enjoyed using my LTC to purchase my silver bullion and other items.I am a Social worker and understanding humans is a challenge at times, but I enjoy challenges.

It is so refreshing when smart minds create useful tools, unlike others who only care about themselves. Keep those brains working and I will let you know my experience using this new technology.

BTC is becoming too expensive and very slow because of all the new users that finally work up to the idea that crypto is a great way to keep your money safe from others. No chargebacks I would think that more merchants do not accept the first-generation cryptos

The very best and have a great holiday season. Sorry, I am politically correct but I am not a Christian. Although I am attending an Evangelical University for my Masters. I wish to get more involved with helping young children and I need a Masters. I will also be running for Public Office once I receive my degree and have done some charitable voluntary work to build up my credibility.

I signed up with after being loyal to Poloniex for two years. I actually started trading altcoins on Cryptsy but got out 3 days before they shut down due to owner stealing everyone's BTC.

Again the very best and I will post once I get into trading IOTA.