How much money did Walter White bury?

(yes i know this is a stupid calculation, but I couldn’t stop wondering)

james hong
Sep 9, 2013 · 1 min read

How much money did Walter White bury on Breaking Bad? Let’s do the math!

Saul’s bodyguard said he gave Walt all his money stacked in seven 55 gallon barrels he bought at Home Depot.

7 barrels x 55 gallons = 1,457,383.54 cubic cm

A bill is 6.6294 cm wide x 15.5956 cm long x0.010922 cm thick = 1.12921979833008 cubic cm

# of bills = 1,457,383.54 / 1.12921979833008 = 1,290,611 bills

This is of course if the bills filled every bit of space in the barrels, but we can see that’s not true from the picture above. I’m going to guess a packing density of 90% which equals 1,161,550 bills.

If all the bills were $100s, this would mean Walt has amassed about $116 million.

However,from the picture above we can see the bill types vary. I see a bunch of stacks of $50s and $20s. My best guess at that mix is that it is half 50s and half 20s, which adds up to $40.65 million dollars.

update: the exact answer according to Walter White is $80 million. There must have been a lot more 100s than 50s and 20s.

james hong

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