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Let’s go back a little bit. And by ‘little bit’ I mean let’s go back to past June.

It had been a month after Google I/O passed. Several great announcements were made there: a new Android version, a new Cardboard version, a new Levi’s pants version. But let’s not forget that there was another interesting moment there: Google announced the Android Developer Nanodegree, partnering with Udacity -because there’s where these come from, of course.

I was a not-new-but-not-really-knowledgeable Android Developer back then: more than an enthusiast, less than a pro. Most of my working life was spent in Eclipse doing backend Java, not the most exhilarating of jobs, but it paid the bills and made me happy. What didn’t make me happy was some of the non-programming parts of my job, but while that is not what I’m here to write about, it is an important detail to mention, since it was this ugly status-quo and the crave of knowledge that helped me take a decision that I didn’t think was capable of: quit from a stable job on June 2015 to undertake a year of learning how to make Android Apps. …


Jhoon Saravia

Android dev. Hands-on hacker. Quantified nerd. I like taking photos, not so much appearing on them. I develop apps for fun and nap out of sheer necessity.

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