America Celebrates Lateral Transition From Monarchy To Corporatist Oligarchy
Caitlin Johnstone

Ah, well…as sad as it is to see it end, the American experiment was just that — an experiment. The norm, throughout history, has been that the few own almost everything and the many struggle in the dirt. From a long-term perspective, it would be unremarkable for us to revert to that norm.

I’m not quite ready to give up, though. The idea of publicly-financed elections and an end to the revolving door between Congress and K street seems pretty distant, more distant than single-payer health care. But it could happen. The institutions are there to make it happen, starting at the local level and slowly — very slowly — working up to the state and national level. What’s missing is passion. Sometimes we seem like those fat people in “Up” who sit around consuming, slowly losing the ability to get up off our asses no matter what the incentive. But I don’t think we’re fully there, yet. TPTB have wisely keep a military draft off the table, but perhaps something else will come along to galvanize a generation or two, to gin up the passion to say, “No, it doesn’t have to be like this.” I’m sure I won’t be around to see it bear fruit, but I’d sure like to live to see it get started.

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