Care Advocate POV: #DemDebate Missed Opportunities

Jason Resendez
Sep 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Jason Resendez, Executive Director, LatinosAgainstAlzheimer’s Coalition, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s

Despite the 40+ million caregivers in the US, candidates largely ignored key some issues for this voting block, including…

Paid Leave

Paid family leave is critical to the millions of people providing unpaid care for a loved one living with diseases like Alzheimer’s and so many other chronic conditions.

We know voters care about paid family leave yet the issue is continuously overlooked…

Paid leave and other caregiver supports are issues of growing importance to young people.

These folks are getting squeezed at a critical time in their lives.

Paid family leave can help alleviate the caregiver hardship and improve care.

Full report here.

Stoping Alzheimer’s

Joe Biden was the only candidate to mention Alzheimer’s on the debate stage despite it being the nation’s most costly disease and a primary driver of caregiver hardship.

Plus it’s an underdressed health equity issue for communities of color.

Candidates serious about promoting economic justice and advancing health equity must better address our shared Alzheimer’s crisis and the lack of caregiver supports for families.

Jason Resendez

Written by

Brain health equity champion w/ @UsAgainstAlz @UsA2_Latinos ~ Personal opinions at @jason_r_DC

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