Trump violence escalates
Dave Winer ☮

As a true conservative, I can’t stand Donald Trump. However, the statement that something bad WILL happen because that’s the only way he can be elected is absolutely insane. Why? Just because? Chance has it in for us? Trump is going to mastermind a terrorist plot?

The Republican Party establishment isn’t backing him. They hate him because he’s been able to completely hijack their party (which is their own fault, but that’s a different discussion). They aren’t going to set a crisis in motion that would get him elected. They want their power back, and the best way for that to happen is for him to lose, and lose spectacularly. A growing number have gone on record saying they won’t even vote for him, when nominated. Wether they have the stomach to follow through is one thing, but the level of distaste for him is unprecedented.

Trump has been able to crack the system because of his combo of wealth and media savvy, but he’s still a political outsider. It’s the source of his appeal, but it also prevents him from being able to pull off what you predict. There’s absolutely no way he and his mob are going to orchestrate world events to create a situation that will get him elected.

Your article would have been just fine without being served up with the side of hysteria at the end. Maybe you need to cut back on watching House of Cards, because what you are suggesting is straight out of the Frank Underwood playbook. Trump is a lot of things, but puppet master of world events is not one of them.

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