Secret of great show is in making your listeners feel good about themselves.

With all the formatting rules and radio talk we forget that we are talking to people.

Instead of talking to people we think first about clock. And the length of moderation. And it all becomes just so artificial and fake. Boring.

Who cares about listeners. You need to go by the rule book. And your program director. Not to forget the consultant.

And those people — our listeners — just want to matter. They want to be appreciated or just listened to. To feel like they belong somewhere.

They need shoulder to cry on and someone to share there happiness with them.

Your show can be that — a mirror where they can hear people like them talk to people like them about stuff that is relevant to them. Stuff that they care about. Relevant is such cold word. About things they care about.

Making them feel good about themselves does not mean you are always “happy”.

It means you are first and foremost — supportive. Being there.

You want to be your listeners real friend. That means listening first and then reacting in authentic way.

This is opposite of situations when shit hits the fan and you are just partying like nothing is happening.

Be real. Have positive perspective. But don’t act.

How you ever returned to the restaurant where they treated you with disrespect?

If you had to choose the place, probably not. Even if the food was great, if overall you do didn’t feel good — you are not coming back again.

The same thing works for your show. Your flow can be perfect. Music great. Your delivery on spot. And yet — if it doesn’t connect, they will just go somewhere where they feel welcomed. That is the big truth.

So make them feel welcomed. Make them feel like they are important. Like you care.

And you know what — they will come back.

Be interested in them. Really interested. And they will find you interesting.

Simple, and yet hard

This is simple. And it is common sense. But, unfortunately, not practiced enough.

The job takes over. The rules. The daily grind.

Fill the clock. Get the content. Promote the music. Use the slogan. Day after day. Same songs, same topics. Grind.

All the wrong things get our mind of the right things.

Make your listeners happy. That will make your program director happy. And consultant.

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