One hundred days from today.

Josh Silverman

Starting on June 5, 2016, I’ll be riding my bike — one of my favorite outdoor activities—in my favorite state, with a thousand other people, to raise money for HIV and AIDS research. It’s the AIDS Life Cycle ride.

There’s still no cure for the disease, despite increases in awareness and a host of treatment options.

It comes at a particularly appropriate time given this week’s news about the potential failure of PrEP to stop the spread of HIV.

I’m doing the ride for the tens of thousands of people who live with HIV every day, to help them have even better lives.

I’m doing this for the countless who have died due to complications from AIDS, hoping that together we can curtail its existence.

I’m doing this because certain friends have inspired me with their seemingly impossible feats:

Matt, who took a year off and biked 2,500 miles across Asia and Europe. You still inspire me, Matt.

Joel, who took a summer off and biked 2,500 miles from Portland, OR, back to his then-home-city of Boston. Your trek is enormous, Joel.

Jimmy, who did many Boston-NYC AIDS Rides when we both lived back east, and the Boston-Provincetown Outrides before then, and who now helps produce tours for a bike touring company. Kudos on landing that dream job, Bestie!

I’m doing this, too, for myself, to prove that I can, to enjoy the ride, and get yet another, if slower view of the California Coastline! Check out the route we’ll be taking.

For all of these reasons, please buy a mile, or a hundred. I’m hoping to raise $10 for each mile pedaled. #Strivefor545

Muchlove, and thank you,

Josh Silverman

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Designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, optimist.

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