My Life as the Nucleus

I, Ned the Nucleus, started out as part of another nucleus, helping out with my partner as one until we decided to split through mitosis. I was brought up right, controlling DNA and telling the other organelles what to do as a new single nucleus. Soon after, I was elected to be the President of the cell after all of my hard work to get us going. For all the time our cell existed, I have been here commanding everyone what to do and how to do it because I know what is best for our well being from all of my experience. I am made up of my own membrane (nucleotic envelope), a nucleoskeleton, nuclear pores, a nucleolis that makes ribosomes, and chromosomes, so I have a lot going on and a whole lot of importance.

This election day, all of the organelles should vote for me because I have experience running this cell since day one. I have experience in one of our most difficult activities as a cell, mitosis, but I also have experience in the controlling of DNA so I have direct access to the blueprints that tell us how everything should run. I will work hard to keep unwanted immigrants out such as viruses and bacterium, and I will ensure that our domestic lands will be protected by homeostasis by keeping the correct amount of water inside.

Other important achievements of mine include helping create the structure of the world around us, the human body, but I also control the all important chromosomes that store DNA. Without my experience in chromosomes and how our cell should run, we would ultimately fail as a cell with no brain so to speak to tell us what we should do.

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