States’ nondisclosure statutes, used to persecute marginalized populations, discourage testing and treatment.

By Chris Beyrer and Robert Shuttle

Dr. Beyrer is an infectious disease epidemiologist. Mr. Suttle was convicted under Louisiana’s H.I.V. criminalization statute.

Michael Johnson was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison for being convicted of failing to…

The arrows are sized according to the proportion of violence experienced by Russian female sex workers from each group. Here, the graphic indicates that clients make up the bulk of the violence experienced by Russian FSW.

An article co-authored by Michele Decker, Sarah Peitzmeier (a former student affiliated with the center), Chris Beyrer, and Andrea Wirtz was recently published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence; their study focused on the unique challenges faced by female sex workers (FSW) in navigating their occupation in the midst of…

Our Director of Conflict and Health, Len Rubenstein, published a report titled “Reality Makes Our Decisions: Ethical Challenges in Humanitarian Health in Situations of Extreme Violence.”

In collaboration with the International Rescue Committee and SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society), the report addresses some of the unique and difficult challenges humanitarian…

By Andrew Cho

An infographic highlighting the key statistics from the report.

In a joint effort with the Human Rights Watch, the Center for Public Health and Human Rights recently released a report that looked at the available data on the food and nutrition situation in Venezuela. The short version of the current political crisis essentially deals with a…

By Andrew Cho

An infographic summarizing the results of Dr. Beyrer and Dr. Andrea Wirtz’s study.

Our Center’s director Dr. Beyrer and assistant scientist Dr. Wirtz recently co-authored a paper that analyzed the HIV epidemic within the Russian Federation, outlining Russia’s current status as having the largest number of HIV-1 infected citizens of all the countries in Europe. In this study, they highlighted…

Center for Public Health and Human Rights

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