Chinese New Year Celebration,Year of the Rooster

February 4 @ 3:00 pm — 7:00 pm

Location: 40 Rector Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10006


Kick off the Year of the Rooster with China Institute’s signature New Year Celebration. In the afternoon, we opened doors to families for New Year-themed workshops and activities including dumpling making, storytelling, and lantern-making. Attendees can also learn about the language classes and summer camp. In the evening, adults and families alike were welcome to a party featuring a lion dance, food, and live music.

It is an opportunity let me know that so many Native Americans families are interested in Chinese culture. There are many families who have a Chinese and an American, and their children are children we call a half-breed, their families are in New York, by the impact of American culture. How to inherit the culture of China?

What I am thinking about

This reminds me of one of my friends; she came to America with her family when she only eight yeas old. Although her father and mother are both Chinese, she accepted the local education, friends around her are almost local people, after she came to the United States five years later, her ability of Chinese was significantly backward.And then her parents let her back to China to accept hight school education, the most reason is to improve her Chinese and realize of traditional culture.

This is not an accidental case, one of my middle school classmate he has a little sister, his family Immigrate to Canada when his sister only four years old, and now the little girl go back to China for primary school education, for the same reason. Other friends of mine, they married for five years, there is a four-year-old daughter, also have the same problem recently.

In recent years, many of the institutions of Chinese culture is popular in many Western countries but neglected the education of Chinese for the children who their parents are Chinese.These Children can speak Chinese, but they never have a good foundation because of the young age, the education and their social circle, after a long time the ability to gradually degenerate, and lost interest.I am thinking about can I do something for these family?

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