You have also noticed the nasty habit the human race has of lying. Everyone lies about something. If you wait long enough for it — it will show up. Just be patient
The Cost
Ann Litts

It’s a sad truth, this, Ann. However I might add that we also lie to ourselves, and most of us do so without having the slightest notion that we do so. The kind of relentless truth that forces us to look with an unfettered eye at what we do to each other, the way we choose to think, how we assume we’re always right, I could go on and on. Truth telling begins in the soul, and it is immensely hard work. Beginning here, to be able to strip ourselves down to the soil of our beginnings, and ask good long hard questions about who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose- this is the fertilizer of genuine evolution. It stinks as badly as manure, but it is also as rich, dense and valuable. From this work comes evolution, and we can rise.

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