This is the kind of thing I continue to thank my long dead Dad for- I grew up on a farm, and had to do precisely the same labor intensive chores as my brother. I’ve been lifting for years, and this past year at 65 I picked up, by myself, and moved, a sleeper couch into the garage. That took considerable strength as well as sorting out the problems of how to get it through the house door into the garage. I did. Alone. At 65. And I am also very much a girl. I just have found that endurance sports, dealing with extreme pain,(a broken back, a smashed pelvis etc) didn’t stop me from climbing stairs to find help, or making jokes about it in the ambulance. We have no idea how powerful we are. And men- the bad ones- want to keep it that way. Great article.

    Julia E Hubbel

    Written by

    Prize-winning author, veteran, adventure traveler, animal masseuse, athlete, international traveler/speaker. Perpetually curious.

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