Food, Netflix, and Bed

“Uh hmm, I think I would describe my perfect day with three things; food, bed, and Netflix. I would just be laying in bed, while I watch my Netflix shows, and eat food. I binged watched the show One tree hill, that is basically what I have accomplished during the summer. All nine seasons of them, so yeah.” I asked Nicole Torterello what would constitute as a “perfect” day for her, and this is what she came up with. Personally, for me I can relate, and probably most of the teenage population. At our age, we all enjoy being lazy; just laying there, watching shows that consist of how our live’s should be going, but here we are watching it away instead. Even if Nicole enjoys her bed, Netflix, and the comfort of her room she also enjoys the sport Hockey. In one of the questions I asked her which was, “If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?” Her response was a Hockey player. “I don’t know thats hard I think I would pick someone famous like I don’t know, uh one of my favorite people is Tyler Seguin, he’s a hockey player. He’s Very attractive. I would definitely have dinner with him.” As a child, she was always interested in Hockey, but never played. “I’m not really good at ice skating, at all so I don’t think it would go pretty well if I played.” I asked her the question “if you could one day wake up with an ability or talent, which or what would you choose?” She responds with, “ooh, I would want to have the ability to play Hockey because, like I said I have always admired Tyler Seguin, my favorite hockey player. So yeah, I think I would want that ability.” She continues on with back information about how hockey really came in play, “I’m close with my cousins, and they played hockey since we were all little. So I enjoy watching them play. That’s how I came across Tyler Seguin, and how he kind of became one of my favorite people, and not only because he’s attractive, but yeah.”